The back4good Programme — The national institute for health and clinical Excellence ( NICE) , released a report in May2009 which suggested that Lower back pain was costing the NHS more than $ 1 billion per annum.

Guidelines published in the same year suggested that the NHS should change its focus when dealing with Lower back pain and that, as a part of this people with Lower back pain should be actively encouraged to take up exercise classes. As a Level 4 Low back pain certified teacher and Back4good Practitioner, I have specific skills and knowledge of Lower back pain, its causes, consequences and treatment how to manage the back pain.

I am also able to encourage my clients to self – manage their condition with gentle exercises and also help them to continue to teach them to stay active and stay healthy.

Healthy back classes — Theses classes are specially designed exercises to help with the prevention of Low back pain. It is a gentle, balanced workout to strengthen your core and keep your back flexible and strong.  

One – to – one private sessions are also available. For more information please contact Raj – the details are on the web site.